Hostal Oriola

Torrent de Can Botana, 35 · 07469 · Cala Sant Vicenç

Tel +34.971.531.998

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Hostal Oriola Hostal Oriola Hostal Oriola Hostal Oriola Hostal Oriola Hostal Oriola

Paradise on earth

Located in Cala San Vicente to the north of Majorca, the Oriola Inn is an ideal place to rest, alone, as a couple or with family and friends. Enjoy its crystal clear waters, take a stroll, dive, enjoy a pleasant vacation or simply stretch out in the solarium after a dip in the pool.
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Bicycle or motorcycle trips

For those who travel by bicycle or motorcycle, we have a garage where you can park these vehicles at no extra charge. Majorca's whole northern area is ideal for cycling. In relatively short distances, you can find mountain highways and practically flat areas. If you do not want to travel with your own bicycle or motorcycle, we can provide you with a rental. You can choose from different models according to your needs.

Exclusive Offers

Enjoy all the deals offered by the Hostal Oriola and make your vacation a unique memory.