Hostal Oriola

Torrent de Can Botana, 35 · 07469 · Cala Sant Vicenç

Tel +34.971.531.998

Natural environment Hostal Oriola, Cala San Vicente

Bird life

Spring is the best time of year to enjoy birds, especially due to the large number of migratory birds that fly through, and the activity and color offered by Nature this time of year. About a 25 minute drive, Albufera de Muro offers the visitor the island's most interesting birdwatching spot.

By walking about 45 minutes from the Oriola inn, or driving 10 minutes, you can visit Boquer. It is a spectacular, history-filled valley. It is another of the spots on the island that affords the possibility of observing birds without having to walk long distances.

Our garden.

From February to May, a large number of Mediterranean orchids are in bloom in our garden. Several of them are from the Ophrys and Orchis Italica families as well as different ones from the Serapias family.